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Volume Five - NEW Release!

Volume Five - NEW Release!

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Escape into the creative, one glossy page at a time.

Volume Five continues our mission to shine a light on the bravely creative. With 120 pages in glossy print, it has remarkable projects, beautiful images, and uplifting content to be gifted, read, revisited, and shared.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in Volume Five


VALI - The escapades and eccentricities of Vali Myers.

A Brush with Darkness - Inside Anno Domini House.

Pop Art Provocateur - Elisha McGuckin's exploration of 'the daily.'

Kitty Calvert - Artful Assemblages.


Sell Without Selling Out - Using the Artist Statement and Value Proposition.

So You Want To Be A Visual Merchandiser - Interview with an Industry Insider.


Game Changer - The Creator of Tin*Star Games.

Sartorial Soundscapes - Bowie's Cosmic Couture Chronicles.

Taking it to the Streets - Melbourne Fashion.


Micro-trouble in the Funny Pages - The Mega Impact of Microfilm.


Bright Colours for Brighter Days - Art Therapy.

Turn Left - Directions in Human Creativity.


Glen Alfred - One Troubadour's Global Groove.

Punk Journey - The History of the Melbourne Punk Scene

Jess Ribeiro - New Music Review


Oddball Japan - The Quirkiest Corners of the Island Kingdom.

Spreading the Love - Vegemite Pioneers, Now and Then.

Surviving Judgement Day - Why Human Creativity Will Survive the AI Arts Apocalypse.


Revisiting Walruses - Lewis Carroll's Poem and The Beatles Song.

Designed and printed in Australia. 

Founding Editor - Anthea Palmer

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