Jimmy Hornet Magazine is a high quality, glossy print magazine with curated articles and interviews that feature the unique, the pioneering, and the bravely creative.

Expect topics of music, art, design, pop-culture, mindset, creative enterprise, and more!

What makes our magazine different?

🟡 Creativity at the core.

🟡 High quality, glossy print.

🟡 No adverts or promotions.

🟡 Created and printed in Australia.

🟡 Independently Published.

🟡 Limited Editions.

Photo: Anthea Palmer, Editor.

The Jimmy Hornet Story

I have been on a rollercoaster ride of owning and operating live music venues and art galleries for almost three decades. Crazy, right? I have always had a knack for curating groovy vibes, whether through tunes or art. And now, I've ventured into the world of magazine publishing because why not add another dash of madness to the mix?

So, who exactly is Jimmy Hornet? He has been my first love, musical mentor, estranged business partner, and father of my six children (blame it on the red wine). 

Here is the truth.

My first live music venue (Moorabbin, Melbourne) was a factory with a big top adorned by twenty antique chandeliers – "The Chandelier Room." 

 The Chandelier Room, Moorabbin. Owned by Anthea Palmer

Photo: The Chandelier Room.

My second venue was in Zhongshan in mainland China, which just happened to be the lighting manufacturing capital of the world. "The Chandelier Room" wasn't going to work.

Thankfully, it was recommended that I consult with a mainland marketing expert, and we embarked on a marathon brainstorming session to find the perfect name. It required strong, balanced characters with relevant meaning. When we thought we'd hit a dead end, "Jimmy Hornet" popped into the conversation. Originally an avatar for my musician coaching clients, the expert's eyes lit up as they realised its potential; "Jimmy" had familiarity in China, while "Hornet" could be translated to 'lucky bee,' the character selected had the double meaning of musical note. Bingo!

Navigating China proved challenging despite owning a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) solo—a rarity in itself. Staying in the country became a maze, and hiring other foreigners was off the table. When my eldest son hit 18, his residency status was cancelled, signalling the end of our five-year adventure in China.

 Jimmy Hornet, Zhongshan CHINA

Photo: Jimmy Hornet Zhongshan, China.

Jimmy Hornet Richmond (Melbourne) opened five weeks before the first lockdown. We were the last venue to close and the first to re-open in every instance of shutdown. We reduced seating to 25 in an intimate lounge format and continued to provide live music around the restrictions. It was the worst and the best of times. 

Photo: Jimmy Hornet, Richmond.

During the many months of closure, I created a digital magazine to keep musicians in the spotlight, stay in touch with customers, explore new revenue streams, and preserve my sanity!  

When the venue closed its doors in December 2022, I committed to dedicating full-time efforts to a publication, favouring the timeless allure of glossy print. 

And so 'Jimmy Hornet Magazine' has risen from the rubble to shine a light on the bravely creative. 

Let's Jimmy!

Anthea Palmer