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From The Editor - Volume One

Over the last twenty years, I’ve owned and operated three live music venues back to back. Yup, glutton for punishment. I’ve always loved to write and curate groovy things, whether music, art, or design, in venues, galleries, or my home. So editing this magazine seems like a natural and timely progression. Phew!

The cover art and the background is taken from a collage I created which covered the bar at the Jimmy Hornet venue in Richmond, now sadly closed. I’m bringing it with me as a nod to the past. Volume One is the present. I look forward to
seeing you in the future.

Anthea Palmer

 Collage at Jimmy Hornet, Richmond.

Photo: Jimmy Hornet, Richmond.


From the Editor - Volume Two

There have been two venues and a magazine called Jimmy Hornet. Partly because brand assets should be leveraged, and partly because the name has grown on me and I couldn’t come up with one I liked more.

I’ve told lots of stories over the years. The more drinks consumed, the more far fetched the response. Jimmy Hornet has been the father of my eight children, my music teacher, my alter ego, my first guitarist, and my estranged business partner (limited imagination and/or red wine that night).

Here’s the truth.

My first live music venue was called “The Chandelier Room.” It was a renovated factory that was zhuzhed up by hanging twenty antique chandeliers from the big- topped fabric ceiling. It might not sound like much now, but it was 2005 and no- one in Melbourne had hung their hat on the glam-factory look in any big way.

Eight years on, I sold that business and headed to mainland China (Zhongshan), where I opened venue number two. I just happened to be based in the lighting manufacturing capital of the world. “The Chandelier Room” was not going to work. What are the odds?

The Chandelier Room, Moorabbin. Owned by Anthea Palmer

Photo: The Chandelier Room, Moorabbin.

Fortunately I was advised to consult a mainland marketing expert before renaming the business. Hours, and hours were spent, trying to come up with a name that translated well and had the right balance (and good luck element) of characters.

When it seemed all ideas were exhausted, I mentioned the name “Jimmy Hornet.” It had been an avatar for my target customer, back when I was coaching musicians in business practice. Daggy, right?

I saw eyes light up with relief. Jimmy is a well known foreign name on the mainland, and so has credible and well balanced characters. Hornet could be translated as ‘horse bee,’ not quite what I was going for ... but they suggested ‘lucky bee’ be- cause the character also means musical note. Bingo!

And so Jimmy Hornet was born. Keep it to yourself. It’s just a volume two thang. Buzz!

Anthea Palmer

Jimmy Hornet, Zhongshan CHINA

Photo: Jimmy Hornet, Zhongshan CHINA