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Save Our Venue with One Subscription TEXT

Jimmy Hornet is in danger of permanent closure, but we’re not going down without a fight!

We’re not asking for charity. Rather we are hoping you’ll support us by purchasing an $18 subscription for six issues of our magazine The Hornet Press.

The Venue

Jimmy Hornet (Richmond 3121) was established in February 2020 and was only open for five weeks before the first lockdown. Given the venue was new, and small, we received very limited government funding or assistance.

When able to trade, our Intimate Music Lounge hosted live music six nights a week, specialising in original, and unique content. We’ve hired literally hundreds of musicians over the last 23 months.

Ready to dig our heels in, we started the year enthusiastically, but now find our events have been canceled due to illness and isolation, and ticket sales and patronage have all but dried up.

On stage at Jimmy Hornet

The Magazine

In February 2021, we started a magazine called The Hornet Press. The concept was born from lockdown frustration and our continued support of the greater creative community. It’s a publication full of wonderful people, ideas, and inspiration.


Just one $18 subscription includes the current Issue #10, and our next five releases, sent directly to your inbox. Our previous copies are also available for a small sum.

Your subscription will keep the venue open, our staff employed, and musicians hired. Any additional income will be used to cover associated magazine costs and further development.

 “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” Scott Adams (Dilbert creator)

Thank you,

Anthea Palmer and Crew @ Jimmy Hornet