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Jimmy Hornet Richmond to Close




Melbourne live music venue Jimmy Hornet will close its Richmond venue at the end of 2022.

Venue owner, Anthea Palmer, announced today that Jimmy Hornet (Richmond 3121) will close at the end of the year, with the final event being Friday 23 December.

The live music venue opened its doors less than two months before the pandemic. Melbourne was hit hardest with lockdowns, but with each forced closure, Jimmy Hornet was last to close, and first to re-open.

“I will be very proud to have traded through a fairly tortuous three years. The size of the space is restrictive as a venue, and this is exacerbated by the soaring insurance cost for live music performance spaces.”

The venue will continue to rock and roll on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights until late December, so secure your seats for what will no doubt be a glorious three months of musical send-off.

Anthea is also the founder of The Hornet Press. Her plan is to shift focus to re-launching as “Jimmy Hornet Magazine”, a bi-monthly print circulation from February 2023, which will also release in NFT format.

Meanwhile, Anthea will be keeping an eye out for a larger venue space for a possible Jimmy Hornet venue re-launch in 2023/2024.

“I’m looking forward to focussing the majority of my energies on the magazine. I’ll also be working on publicity activities for Pop Preservation Society. I have no doubt my stubby little fingers will remain in the music industry pie.”

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