Get Unstuck and Start Creating

When you need to create something from scratch, the hardest part is often starting. This can be true whether working professionally or as a hobby.

An empty page, a missing line of code or blank canvas can cause you to become distracted. You clammer for inspiration, hoping to have a “light globe” moment of inspiration or clarity.

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Does distancing yourself work?

Of course you’ve heard that forcing yourself to be creative when you feel “stuck” is hazardous. Is the key to psychologically distance yourself from the task at hand? Does this allow the mind to be freed-up?. It’s true that creativity rarely appears when you’re pushing yourself. It prefers to sneak up on you the moment you look away.

This theory may provide you with another reason NOT to start!

Your desire to create a masterpiece, and your belief in yourself to realise the creation must be aligned. Procrastination allows time for self doubt to creep in. Before you know it the clear-minded intention you started with has eroded away.

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Trick for Getting Started

Here’s a trick you can try, which we use at Jimmy Hornet to avoid getting stuck. Before you begin, have some inspirational images, quotations, materials or even some of your previous work on hand. This way it’s easy to momentarily distract yourself with useful, relevant ideas. It alleviates the chance for the internet to lead you astray.

Even if the initial, random words or strokes are not what you’d hoped for, they allow the opportunity to consider, mould, edit and focus on the parts that do resonate.   

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The point to remember is that once you’ve started, the creating becomes easier. It’s easier to end a sentence than to begin one. Once the canvas is wet it’s easier to add strokes. Once the material has been draped it’s easier to conceptualize the finished look.

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