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Shelby Lim Saturday 26 December 2020
Singer/guitarist Shelby Lim is a solo acoustic pop/rock covers artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Shelby’s live performances reveal her versatility as an artist – completely at ease whether delivering familiar tunes through the unique signature rasp of her voice through to sweetly crooning through an emotional ballad. Whichever way, no doubt, the audience is captivated by her raw performance.

Your lounge seating is available at 7:30 pm, until closing. The music starts at 8:15 pm.


Dinner by Chef Damian Love. Small Plate and Tapas, designed specifically for our Lounge format. View Our Menu here.


Your $20 ticket books a comfy seat, somewhere in our lounge, from 7:30 pm to closing. View our Lounge Here.

COVID-19 impact

The Lounge is designed to be COVID-19 attentive, encouraging distancing from other groups, and easy access for table service. 

Live Music Saturday 26 December 2020