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Live Music 19 Jun 2021

Joshua Batten and Maxon

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Dinner by Chef Damian Love. Small Plate and Tapas, designed specifically for our Lounge format. View Our Menu here.

Lounge Seating

Your $20 ticket books a comfy Lounge seat from 7:30 pm to closing. The music starts at 8:15 pm.  

COVID-19 impact

The Lounge is designed to be COVID-19 attentive, encouraging distancing from other groups, and easy access for table service. 

Joshua Batten is a modern-day troubadour, using music as his language to connect with his audience. Based in Melbourne, Batten’s style of ’60s and 70’s inspired bluesy folk-rock is characterized by passionate vocals, accomplished guitar playing, and layered arrangements. Drawing on personal experience, his music provides both an escape and a perspective in a complex world.

Maxon “…an absolute showstopper. Vocals that’d make London Grammar quiver, and guitars with the same kinda gut-punch as Julien Baker. I think I just held my breath for three and a half minutes straight” ~ Gemma Pike, Triple J

Tapas Menu by Chef Damian Love
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