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Hannah Acfield + Hugh McGinlay

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Hannah Acfield

Described as “a luscious blend of Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell,” Hannah Acfield is vocally powerful and melodically rich. Her songwriting combines the storytelling of folk music and the emotive expression of gospel/soul.

Hugh McGinlay

A singer-songwriter and author based in Melbourne, Hugh McGinlay is known for his poetic lyrics and varied styles. Over the years he has toured extensively around the globe and performed twice at Jimmy Hornet in Zhongshan, China (that’s how much we love him).

Your lounge is available at 7:30 pm, until closing. The music starts at 8:15 pm.


Dinner by Chef Damian Love. Small Plate and Tapas, designed specifically for our Lounge format. View Our Menu here.

Lounge Seating

Your $20 ticket books a comfy seat in our Lounge from 7:30 pm to closing.  View our Lounge Here.

COVID-19 impact

The Lounge is designed to be COVID-19 attentive, encouraging distancing from other groups, and easy access for table service. 

Walk-ins and Lounge After Work

Our Bar Stools and footpath seating remain open for our local walk-in customers, restricted numbers allowing.

Please note that we host “Lounge After Work”  between 5 pm and 7 pm and your lounge may be booked between these times.

Visual Floor Plan Jimmy Hornet Lounge