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Poster Joshua Batten Sold Out

Joshua Batten + Harry Broome

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Joshua Batten Live at Jimmy Hornet

Multi-award winning Joshua Batten will knock your sox off! His music sits comfortably between Rock and Blues, and his talent for songwriting is matched by his guitar and vocal prowess. Guaranteed to make you feel GOOD!

Harry Broome

A new arrival, Harry has a magnificent baritone voice and bluegrass sensibilities. We just LOVE discovering new talent, and this young man has it in bundles.

Your lounge is available at 7:30 pm, until closing. The music starts at 8:15 pm.


Dinner by Chef Damian Love. Small Plate and Tapas, designed specifically for our Lounge format. View Our Menu here.

Lounge Seating

Your $100 ticket books a lounge setting optimally designed for 5 people from 7:30 pm to closing. Seating in each set includes a 3 seater sofa, 2 armchairs, and an ottoman. View our Lounge Here.

COVID-19 impact

The Lounge is designed to be COVID-19 attentive, encouraging distancing from other groups, and easy access for table service. With 4 lounge settings of five people, fully booked allows for 20 customers.

Walk-ins and Lounge After Work

Our Bar Stools and footpath seating remain open for our local walk-in customers, restricted numbers allowing.

Please note that we host “Lounge After Work”  between 5 pm and 7 pm and your lounge may be booked between these times.

Visual Floor Plan Jimmy Hornet Lounge