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Tue 19 January 2021 Open Mic

Open Mic Night

We are proud to present an Open Mic event for Singer-Songwriters and cover players alike. 


This is an opportunity to present your songs or music in a professional environment with great sound and support.

If you are playing at our Open Mic, please make the most of this event by watching the other performers and networking with other like-minded musicians. 

To support the venue and enable this event to continue running, we would appreciate you bringing some peeps along to Jimmy’s with you.  Audience members are greatly valued.


Every Tuesday. Doors open at 5 pm. We start Open Mic at 7 pm and finish at around 10 pm.

Each performer is allotted 15 minutes on stage, which generally equates to three songs. 


Our in-house PA equipment and sound engineer are made available to you, and we are devoted to providing you with a great sound experience.


Given performer change over time, we cater for solo and duo formats.  


With 8 spots available, it is recommended that you email info@jimmyhornet.com to request a spot.

Cocktails at Jimmy Hornet
Nat Allison at Jimmy Hornet