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Sold Out 3 February 2021
Join us for Live Jazz by Mark Morand (guitar) and the fabulous Jennifer Salisbury in vocals. Mark Morand is an Australian composer and musician, inspired by the “Great American Songbook” – songs written from the 1920s to the 1950s for Broadway, Hollywood, and musical theatre that subsequently became jazz “standards”.
Jennifer Salisbury
“Jennifer’s voice sparkles like antique diamonds, clear and true” – Kimba Griffith –
“A refreshing and unique voice in jazz” – Niko Schauble
An enchanting singer with a natural sense of swing, Jennifer Salisbury has made a name of herself among the jazz community with her breezy renditions of the American songbook.
When onstage, she channels the great voices of the ‘40s and ‘50s guiding her audience in a time-traveling roller-coaster of emotions, navigating the history of jazz. 
Your lounge is available from 7:30 pm, until closing. The music starts at 8:15 pm.
Dinner by Chef Damian Love. Small Plate and Tapas, designed specifically for our Lounge format. View Our Menu here.
Lounge Seating
Your $20 ticket books a comfy seat somewhere in the Lounge from 7:30 pm to closing.
3 Feb Live Music Poster